Rivecowe_Specializing in Base Make UP for Oily Skin


Company info

Rivecowe[rivecoiː] is a Professional Base and Point Makeup Brand optimized for high temperature and humid weather, targeting the Southeast Asian market. As a flagship product, CC Cream, which can do skin care and makeup at the same time, is distributed and exported through domestic and overseas online and offline (B2B, B2C).Starting with “Basic Cosmetics” line, “Natural Functional Mask Pack 4 types (Moisturizing, Whitening, Anti-aging, Elasticity),” we are advancing to a Basic Brand specializing in protecting the skin healthy.

Company name : J.INTERNATIONAL
CEO : Jee-Hye Lee
Business Number : 204-24-51539
Mail-order-sales registration number : 2012-서울동대문-0445
Tel : +82-70-8947-5287 / Fax : 1087681453
Address : 519, 7, Janghan-ro 20-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Brand Story

"How’d Rivecowe get its unique name?
Borrowing from Rising Skin, Lovely Skin “Rive” and the Cosmetics Well “cowe”.
Rivecowe has a beauty message that allows you to create your own fresh skin and lovely skin everyday."

The brand name is displayed in a simple and concise oval, indicating naturalness and noble femininity.

A simple ribbon that every woman loves is transformed into an icon to express a lovely feeling.